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The Telemetry System is a new addition to the range of technologies used during the Shell Eco-marathon. The system designed to measure, collect and transmit energy, position and speed data from Shell Eco-marathon vehicles to a dedicated cloud platform.

The energy, vehicle position, speed and accelerometer data measured by the Telemetry System is intended to help all of our teams improve their vehicle’s performance and their driver behaviour.

The Organisers will present this measured data, in real-time, to spectators in order to increase their enjoyment of the challenge while providing a greater range of live information.

The contents of this section are intended to help competing teams understand the specifications and roles of the main components of the TS. Teams are responsible for the installation of the TS hardware at the beginning of each event and the following pages act as a guide for this process and provide information to trouble shoot any potential problems.

  • The different components of the SEM On Board Technologies
  • Installing the different system components
  • Photos and drawings of components
  • Verifying and trouble shooting your installation

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