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Battery for OBC

Latest News: please don't allow a deep discharge of the battery. That means use of a battery until it runs completely out of power. The battery level indicator would then be just grey with no black squares visible. The current battery holder/charger is not able to charge deeply depleted batteries. Completely drained batteries must be brought to the telemetry team for an exchange. Please prevent this by doing regular charges and make sure there is at least 1 bar on the battery level indicator


The purpose of the battery is to supply clean and stable power to the OBC. The battery consists of 4 Li-Ion cells in series. The battery contains battery management system (BMS) functions to protect the cells form overcharge, overdischarge and short circuits. The OBC battery, battery holder, and a 50W charger is part of the telemetry kit provided by the technical team. However, it is the (race-)teams responsability to always keeping their battery well charged. Avoid going out on track with less than 60% charge. To charge the battery, have it installed in the holder and connect the charger barrel connector to the battery holder.


Nominal voltage14.4 VDC
Capacity (OBC run-time)3,250 mAh (Three hours - min)
Recharge time (with supplied 50W chargerTwo hours (max)

Basic Installation Instructions

The battery holder must be securely mounted in close proximity to the Backbone in the vehicle engine compartment. Mount the battery holder such that the battery is protected from mechanical damage, excessive heat and water and both the battery and battery holder can be easily removed and replaced.

Please read the following information carefully. Li-Ion Batteries are very safe, when handled properly, but can release vast amounts of heat, smoke and even flames in case of a thermal runaway, caused for example by mechanical damage to the battery


  1. You will receive the battery together with the whole telemetry equipment
  2. Bring back the battery together with the whole telemetry equipment
  3. Do not drop the battery or expose to other mechanical stress. Damaged batteries must be returned to the telemetry team immediately.


  1. Battery needs to be charged before every run.
  2. Allow for at least 60% before entering the race. That's 3 bars out of 5
  3. Charging time: approximately 3 hours if battery is completely drained.
  4. System run time with a full battery: around 5 hours. Cold temperatures will reduce usable battery capacity.
  5. Turn off your OBC system when not on track

It is your responsibility to charge the battery before going out to the start line

Li-Ion Battery Safety

  1. Remove the battery and holder from the vehicle for charging
  2. Never leave the battery unattended while charging
  3. overnight charging is prohibited (unattended battery)
  4. Keep away the charging battery from enflammable material
  5. Charge the battery under a fire blanket or in a Li-Ion Bag if available
  6. never expose the battery to mechanical stress, excessive heat or moisture
  7. should the battery suddenly start to overheat or emit smoke, stay away from it and seek for help immediately!

OBC Battery Holder Mounting in Vehicle

  1. Mount the battery holder in the engine compartment
  2. Mount the battery holder such that the connection wires are facing down
  3. Mount the battery holder such that the batter charge display is visible
  4. Mount the battery holder such that the battery and wiring is protected from damage.
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