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The Backbone is part of the On-Board Computer. For details see POD.


For details see POD.

Drawing and Dimensions

Installation at event

Backbone and holding plate installation

Follow the steps below to install the BackBone and holding plate on car roof.

  1. Ensure the spring sits on the shaft.
  2. Pull the torus over the shaft.
  3. Turn the torus to lock it so it cannot slide back
  4. Push the shaft through the hole in the car roof
  5. Unlock the torus and let it gently slide back until it looks like (A)
  6. Mount the Backbone inside the car such, that the cable can be pulled at least 10cm (4“) through the shaft (indicator visible) to the outside of the vehicle. This leaves about 30cm (1ft) of cable and the flexibility to mount the Backbone in a convenient location inside the vehicle. There are four zip tie mounting aids on the top and bottom of the Backbone.

Caution! The connector box is not waterproof and must be kept dry

Connecting Power

Connect the battery holder to the POWER socket.

Note, the battery and holder provided must only be connected to the OBC.

The pin labelled “E” can be connected to the common ground point in the vehicle. It depends on the individual set up of each vehicle, if this connection is helpful or not.

The LEDs will not light up when power is connected. The Backbone‘s electronics will be activated by the Pod during its startup process.

Connecting the Relays

The function of the relays in the Shell Eco-marathon sensor suite is to support the Drivers’ World Championship events. During the Drivers’ World Championship events, the relay will be used to disable the vehicle propulsion system when the allocated amount of vehicle energy has been consumed.

The interface to the relay is through a three position terminal block plug. The plug will be provided by Shell at the event.

Check the Relay section for detailed information.

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