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This is a new version of the Joulemeter that will be tested in some Vehicles.
It must be wired in series to the Joulemeter 2nd gen.
It must be connected via CAN bus to the OBC.

Joulemeter mounting location and other considerations

  • Teams should identify a location to accommodate both Joulemeters as close as possible to eachother.
  • The LEDs of the Joulemeter must be visible when looking into the engine compartment.
  • The Joulemeter may be secured with zip ties, Velcro or another suitable method.
  • The Joulemeter “On” switch located on the top of the Joulemeter must be accessible.

Wiring to OBC


Wire the Joulemeter in series to the Liquid Flow Meter using two CAN cables and a T-Splitter. Connect the Joulemeter as the second device in row to the Liquid Flow Meter.

BE & H2 Wire the Joulemter as shown in the picture above. The other end of the cable must be connected to the “Sensor” connector on the Backbone of the OBC.


LED Measurement
Device off
«❶» Error
«❶» Initializing
«❶» Resetting Values
LED Battery
Device off
«❷» low Battery
«❷» Charging
«❷» Charging Complete / Operates without battery (Blinks twice followed by pause)
Low Battery
Charging necessary
On Off Switch
Turn Joulemeter on before going on track and switch it off after you returned
Reset Button
will be handled by technical team if needed

Charging the 3rd Generation Joulemeter

The JM3 will be supplied with a fully charged battery. If the device is only being swiched on when your vehicle is on track, the battery will last for the whole event. If it needs charging make shure your JM3 and your OBC system (Pod) are both off. Then connect the USB mini cable to any USB outlet able to deliver more than 1A, plug the other end to the JM3 and switch the Joulmeter on. Now charging begins indicated by the flashing LED. When the flashing LED turns green, the battery has reached 80% charge. Charging a fully depleted battery takes about 3 hours.

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