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 ====== Procedures during Challenge & Race ====== ====== Procedures during Challenge & Race ======
-  - Battery must be charged with at least 60% +  - [[student_documentation:​intro:​Battery|OBC ​Battery]] must be charged with at least 60% 
-  - Turn on the OBC in the start finish tent +  - Turn on the [[student_documentation:​intro:​POD|POD]] ​in the start finish tent 
-  - Check the LED Status: the yellow and blue LED must be steady, not flashing +  - Check the [[student_documentation:​intro:​POD|POD ​LED]] Status: the yellow and blue LED must be steady, not flashing. \\ Refer also to [[student_documentation:​intro:​QuickStart|Quick Start Guide]]. 
-  - Turn off the OBC when you are back in your paddock+  - Turn off the [[student_documentation:​intro:​POD|POD]] ​when you are back in your paddock 
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