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Telemetry Data

The telemetry data collected by the telemetry system is outlined throughout the following sections. This telemetry data will be made available for download to team managers shortly after each attempt, in CSV format via a URL provided with your Telemetry kit. We strongly encourage you to use this telemetry data to gain additional insights by better understanding your energy consumption, and that you will be able to use this to further improve your team’s overall performance. This telemetry data is provided for research purposes only. Telemetry data is not used to calculate, nor does it replace official results. The organisers cannot be held responsible for the completeness or accuracy of this telemetry data. NO protests and NO modifications to official results will be allowed based on telemetry data. Telemetry data will be available in the online folder a MINIMUM of 1 HOUR after your attempts. Telemetry data will NOT be available for specific attempts if problems are suffered with GPS or other onboard sensors. The following items can be downloaded for each run using the team-specific credentials provided to you:

  • Telemetry Data - Tab-delimited text file with measured data and post-processed signals
  • Efficiency Graph - Currently only available for ICE energy systems
  • Basic Data Visualization Graphs

Further details on the telemetry data and graphs will be available in a ReadMe file at the supplied URL.

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