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Data Visualization Graph Descriptions

Graph Title Graph Description
GPS Coordinates Simple plot of GPS positions during run.
GPS Speed Plot of vehicle speed as recorded by GPS versus time.
GPS Distance and Laps Plot of traveled distance and laps completed as determined by GPS data. Note: This lap counter does NOT use the official lap system and is determined programmatically using GPS position. These lap count values are therefore susceptible to error, especially during periods of weak GPS signal.
Road Load Physics-based model to predict tractive forces transmitted through the contact surface between the road and tires necessary to keep the vehicle in motion.
JM Volts, Amps, and Power Electrical system potential (millivolts DC) Electrical system current (milliamps) Electrical system power (watts)
JM Joules Electrical system energy (joules)
LFM Temperature Liquid flow meter outlet temperature (deg C)
LFM Instantaneous Flow Rate and Integrated Volume Liquid flow meter flow (ml/min)
BSFC Brake specific fuel consumption (g/kWh) (see Section 2.4 for description)
Summary Table Analysis on ALL data in a given log file, which is often more than just a given run.
  • Sample Count – quantity of samples per channel in this data set

  • Total Time sec – total amount of time during this entire data set

  • Total Distance km – total distance traveled during this entire data set
  • Average Speed km/hr – average speed during this entire data set

  • Integrated Volume d15 mL – post processed integration of LFM data

  • Overall Fuel Economy d15 km/L – post processed fuel economy up to now
  • Max Observed Speed km/hr – maximum GPS measured vehicle speed
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